Our Fuel Services

The YAQUBI WAROONA LIMITED is specialized in any kind of fuel/Oil delivery,
YAQUBI WAROONA LIMITED has a diverse portfolio of customers in the Fuel/Oil. Private clients, public companies and government agencies in Afghanistan and Dubai select. Although each client has unique needs and goals, they return to YAQUBI WAROONA LIMITED because of our reputation for reliability. Our experience includes assignments in Kandahar, Kabul, Dubai and all other provinces of Afghanistan

Fuel Services

  1. Diesel
  2. Petrol
  3. df1 df2
  4. TC1
  5. GET a1
  6. Engine Oil
  7. Propene gas
  8. Gas (LPG)
  9. Grease
  10. All Lubricants

We can deliver any kind of Fuel or Oil from around the world, and from the very best companies. We are connected to the specialized companies of the world in oil and fuel to deliver and fulfill are the requirements of our customers on time.

provide a highly responsive, flexible and cost effective logistics solution to our customers that ensure readiness, and prompt delivery of shipments at a given time.