Our Team

Meet Our Team

As a company and employer, we are fully aware of our social and ecological responsibility. We have made a commitment to this in our corporate code of conduct, which is valid worldwide. We are also dedicated to protecting the well being of our employees and provide them with clear guidance. We choose the best for our company where they get the best for the company and these employees make it the best and expert team.


Decisive, efficient team approach; outstanding
communication skills and Bachelor of Business
Administration with multi years’ experience in

General Manager

Experienced supervisor with a management style that motivates staff productivity and with many years of experience as General Manager

Sales Manager

An organized and detail-oriented manager, able to prioritize and delegate tasks effectively to ensure timely project completion within a team environment and multi years of experience in sales.

Total commitment providing customer satisfaction, conducting our business with integrity, excellent in quality, efficiency, innovation and reliability our employees are our most valuable assets we are committed to their empowerment in an environment of honesty and mutual trust. Caring for the environment and providing safe and healthy working conditions we have of the best team and professional team.


Our professional staff is firmly committed to provide its customers a Comprehensive Global Logistics Solution that could cost effectively meet their growing requirements

Our Management

Our management team comes from varied background but with a common, strong understanding of logistics & supply chain management. Our uncompromised commitment to quality service and technological innovation are just a part of the reason for our growth.